Cerkamed Bio MTA+

Biomaterial For Filling and Rebuilding of Root Canal
Brand : Cerkamed
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Type Packaging Price Quantity
Mini Pack 3 x 0.14g Powder + 1 x 1ml Liquid Rs. 2,899
Standard Pack 10 x 0.14g Powder + 2 x 1ml Liquid Rs. 5,599
  • BIO MTA+  is for dental treatment as a material for filling and remineralization of root canals.
  • Bio MTA+ is not suitable as a stand-alone permanent root canal filling.


  • BIO MTA+ characterized by the smallest size of grain on the market. Additionally, it contains hydroxyapatite which is a natural component of bones. Thanks to combining these two features the preparation is characterized by perfect biocompatibility and enables full building in of the material into the existing structure.
  • After mixing BIO MTA+ is exceptionally plastic, has concrete consistency, and is not loose. The preparation can be easily formed, which is essential in a situation when it’s necessary to form an irregular shape. BIO MTA+ holds on well to a standard tool and can be introduced on it to a root canal. It enables precise and controlled application and limits the need to use expensive and complicated application tools.
  • BIO MTA+ has 3 times higher durability in comparison to traditional MTA materials. It ensures a strong and stable rebuild.


    • Root canal wall perforation
    • Apexification
    • Intracanal resorption
    • Filling of the posterior root apex
    • Direct coating of the pulp
    • Pulp amputation
    • Treatment of teeth with interrupted root development.


    • Step 1: Cut off the BIO MTA+ liquid pipette tip.
    • Step 2: Move the entire contents of the BIO MTA+ powder glass vial with 1 to 2 drops of the BIO MTA+ liquid on a mixing plate.
    • Step 3: Mix for 30 seconds until the compound reaches a consistency of soft plasticine (modeling putty).
    • Step 4: If the compound mix is too thick or too brittle, add one more drop of the BIO MTA+ liquid. 
    • Step 5: Place the compound at the target site with an applicator. One container of the Bio MTA+ powder contains a one-off dose.

    NOTE: Mix the BIO MTA+ powder with the BIO MTA+ liquid only. Do not replace the liquid with water or other fluids.



    • Calcium oxide
    • Hydroxyapatite
    • oxides of: silicon, iron, aluminum, sodium, potassium, bismuth, magnesium, zirconium; calcium phosphate.


    • Ph. Eur. purified water
    • Calcium catalyst.
    • Bio MTA+ Mini Pack: 3 x 0.14g Powder & 1 x 1ml Liquid
    • Bio MTA+ Standard Pack: 6 x 0.14g Powder & 1 x 1ml Liquid
    Cerkamed Bio MTA+
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