Capri Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractor

Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractor
Brand : Capri
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  • Lip & Cheek Retractor
  • These unique retractors Clear the way for a variety of procedures
  • They provide a clear obstructive view to a wide-open operating field. plus they are excellent for Intraoral Photography, comfortable, secure, placement, and easy to use, even your patients can insert themselves.self-retained with ease, elimination neck strap....nothing for your assistant to hold. Used in combination with Cotton Rolls
  • They make it easier to maintain the dryness so essential for successful bonding, Ortho Appliance fittings, and light cure procedures. lip & cheek retractors are made of autoclavable, unbreakable, transparent plastic
  • Clear plastic autoclavable retractors for the full arch and unobstructed view of the Oral cavity. Will not reflect flashlight
  • Unbreakable.Transparent Size :- Standard, Pedo & Adult Autoclavable up to 121C(250F)
  • Designed for comfort, increased effectiveness & spacious full arch view
  • An essential accessory for Orthodontist, Dental Hygienist, and Aesthetic Dentistry. Ideal for Intra Oral Photography for 'before' & 'after' cases. does not reflect flashlight.


Directions For Mounting Lip & Cheek Retractors Step 

  1. Lay stainless steel wire flat down. place the retractors with the holed L-bend facing towards you and the buccal flanges away from you facing each other
  2. Insert the wire into the hole on the retractors L-bend. Hold the wire and turn Retractor Anti-clockwise 180C until it stops
  3. Insert wire's other end into the hole of the second retractors' L-bend, holding the wire turn Retractor clockwise 180C
  4. At this point, both the buccal flanges are facing away from each other. This assembles the retractor for placement into the mouth

Cleaning Instructions: Lip & Cheek Retractor's plastic parts can be sterilized up to 121C (250F) or clod. Stainless Steel wire can be sterilized by any method.

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  • Capri Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractors Set: 2 Pieces per Pack ( 1 Adult & 1 Paedo)
  • Capri Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractor (Adult): 1 Piece
  • Capri Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractor (Paedo): 1 Piece
Capri Autoclavable Lip & Cheek Retractor
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