Angelus Repair Kit

Ceramic Repair Kit
Brand : Angelus
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INDICATION: For the repair of porcelain/ceramic prostheses  


  • Products in one specific repair kit: Quick and perfect repairs   
  • Masking products: Esthetic repairs in porcelain fused to metal  restorations   

Porcelain Etchant 10%: 10% Hydrofluoric Acid


  • Conditioning of metal-free restorations fabricated with porcelain (ceramic) before cementation with resin
  • Conditioning of porcelain fragments before bonding or repair with composite resin.

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    • Gel consistency: facilitates application
    • Excellent viscosity: flows only on desired areas
    • Ideal for ceramic repair: creates porosity and increases adhesion of resin to ceramic
    • 1 x Angelus Porcelain Etchant 10% 2.5g,
    • 1 x Silano Angelus  5ml,
    • 1 x Opak B0.5  1.5g,
    • 1 x Opak A3 1,5g
    Angelus Repair Kit
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