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Preformed Zirconia Crowns
Brand : 3M
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Type Price Quantity
Anterior Crown Kit Rs. 27,809
Posterior Crown Kit Rs. 80,339
Master Kit Rs. 108,149


Superior Quality material:

  • Strength about 1000 Mpa (LAVA Esthetic), 6 times the biting force of a child
  • Small, consistent grain size- Cuboid Zirconia
  • Translucency similar to natural tooth

Feathered margins:

  • 0.30 mm thin feather edged margins.
  • Optimum thickness as compared to any average available zirconia crown.
  • Achieves higher gingival acceptance
  • Emergency profile is much more natural looking
  • Food and plaque do not get accumulated under the crown.

After extensive research, innovation, commitment to beauty and dedication to quality- while lowering cost- are changing the current standards of preformed dental crowns forever. Introducing our very exclusive, fit for all "Signature Crowns" for the new generation.

No more frustrations experiencing with the aesthetically unpleasing color of stainless steel crowns and the high pricing of available white crowns in market.


  • Single crowns
  • 8 Unit bridges with upto 4 pontics in the anterior region
  • Inlay and Onlay bridges
  • Primary telescopes
  • Custom Zirconia abutments for a wide variety of implant systems 

    Contour options

    Universal contour (centrals/laterals)

    • Universally shaped central and lateral incisors.
    • Can be used as a left or a right
    • Reduces selection options
    • Naturally Symmetrical esthetic outcome

    Contoured (right/left)

    • Enhanced esthetic results
    • Rounded distal corner to create specific crowns for centrals and laterals

    Length Options

    • Universal length crowns designed to fit best in all cases
    • Reduces inventory
    • Suffices economical practice
    • Incredible results

    Posterior Sizing:

    • Available in 6 sizes, accurately designed to fit any size of tooth
    • Reduces inventory and occupies less space
    • Suffices economical practice
    • Incredible results

    Posterior Sizing:

    • Distal margins of first deciduous molars are relatively flattened so as to fit best in all cases
    • Mesial margins of second deciduous molars are relatively flatter
    • This design facilitates smoother fitting of the crown while placing 1st & 2nd molar crowns together

    Thinnest crown ever made

    • 0.5mm overall thickness
    • Less tooth reduction required
    • Still strength maintained upto 1000+ MPa

    Margin Thickness: 0.2mm

    Surface Finish: 200x Magnification of the crown margin


    • Step 1: Incisal/Occlusal Reduction
    • Step 2: Interproximal Reduction
    • Step 3: Facial/Buccal Lingual Reduction
    • Step 4: Subgingival Reduction
    • Step 5: Check Fit/Refine If Necessary

    Why Signature Crowns?

    • Crown products already available in the market may have been best designed by the companies on the general nature of what they imagined could be the best to produce. While Signature Crowns are an outcome of WHY the change is needed, answering solutions to all the practical faced queries.
    • We strongly believe in the concept of Economy with Innovation kind of medical approach from a medical science background. Such that, the innovation brought should be solving the current challenges faced by the dentists and patients , as well as making it economical for both.

    Why Zirconia Crowns?

    • The overall goal in our design process was to make Signature Crowns® as lifelike and anatomically correct as possible. From the characterized incisal edge, to the scientifically developed shades and finely feathered margins, these restorations were designed to "wow" your clients.
    • Our durable and lifelike zirconia crowns are rated at 1400 MPa , made exclusively from raw materials of Zirkonzahn, Italy, the world market leader for zirconium dioxides. Using the latest hydrolysis processes and nano-technologies, Zirconzahn produces the most consistent, high quality zirconia available.

    How to lute Signature Crowns?

    • A straight glass ionomer such as Ketac CEM is recommended
    • Using the powder Liquid version, mix it slightly thicker than normal
    • Completely fill the crown with cement

    What type of cement do you recommend using with Signature Crowns?


    Fluoride Release: Remineralization effect with demineralized tooth structure

    Heme Tolerance: Blood is not a concern - it does not affect cement. If mixed properly more dense than blood.

    Quick Setting: Sets rapidly in the mouth within 3-5 minutes with less shrinkage than polymerizing resins.

    Strength: High compressive strength ensures restoration remains undisturbed.

    How do you sterilize a Signature Crowns?

    • It is recommended autoclaving, Prior to auto claving you may need to run them through an ultrasonic cycle with alcohol to remove blood and debris
    • Unlike with pre-veneered crowns, running Signature Crowns through an autoclave will not degrade te material or cause any color change

    Can you adjust Signature Crowns?

    • It is not recommended adjusting Signature Crowns, unless you feel the need to shorten them from the margin anywhere else can set up weak areas (it’s only 0.5mm thick)
    • The other concern with adjusting Signature crown is that it is nearly impossible to get a war-kind finish chairside. Unpolished, unglazed Signature crown is very rough.
    • 3M Paedodontic Zirconia Anterior Crown Kit: 16 Anterior Crowns
    • 3M Paedodontic Zirconia Posterior Crown Kit: 48 Posterior Crowns
    • 3M Paedodontic Zirconia Master Kit: 16 Anterior Crowns & 48 Posterior Crowns
    3M Paedodontic Zirconia Crowns Kits
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