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Prime Dental Algin Gum Alginate Powder
Prime Dental Algin Gum Alginate Powder INDICATIONS: For impressions in Dentulous or edentulous patients
Rs. 275 Rs. 250

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Capri Bite Registration & Impression Trays
FEATURES Increase your accuracy with these by simultaneously obtaining Impression, and Bite registration. It totally eliminates the potential compounding of errors. Saves chair time along with the material. Assorted: (Posterior - 36, Quadrant - 5, Anterior - 9) Convenience, Accuracy ...
Rs. 550 Rs. 445

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Zhermack Zetaplus Putty Impression Material
FEATURES & ADVANTAGES High initial flowability Green colour> Spearmint flavour> Reduces mucous compression in the phase of insertion in the oral cavity> Excellent hardness after setting> In the two-stage technnique, it acts perfectly as a special tray> In double mixing,...
Rs. 450 from Rs. 415

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Prime Dental Ad-Sil Soft Putty & Light Body
Ad Sil Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Material was developed to be used where precise impression is required especially during crown & bridge prosthesis. It could be used with any 2-phase impression material. 
Rs. 370 from Rs. 350
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Zhermack Tropicalgin Alginate Powder
FEATURES & ADVANTAGES Three-phase chromatic alginate: Red phase: mixing time Light orange phase: working time Yellow phase: time in mouth Fast working and setting time Thixotropic Mango flavour Dust free Fast setting chromatic alginate with a tropical flavour. It is easy...
Rs. 550 Rs. 444

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Oro Bite Registration Trays
Disposable impression trays for counter impressions and bite registration Rigid plastic frame, thin non-tear mesh, ergnomically designed handles Specially designed walls for extra retention with nylon net
Rs. 705 Rs. 565

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Coltene Jet Bite
Rs. 4,032 Rs. 3,385
Coltene Jet Bite
JET BITE is an A-silicone-based impression material for use in dentistry with an automatic mixing device. Easy handling and ideal stability facilitate the bite registration FEATURES & ADVANTAGES Smooth mousse-like consistency- No resistance to closure, no rebound High dimensional stability- No...
Rs. 4,032 Rs. 3,385

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Gc Exabite Ii Nds - Set Of 2 (New Pack)
High surface hardness Mixing and application directly from the cartridge Thixotropic properties with an ideal balance between stability and fluidity Snap set: working time up to 45'', setting time only 45'' Stable and accurate Exabite II is an improved vinyl polysiloxane...
Rs. 3,811 Rs. 3,771

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Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty Regular Set
Aquasil Soft Putty/Regular Set is a very high viscosity impression material with optimum flexibility for easy removal from undercuts. FEATURES & ADVANTAGES Very high viscosity elastomer Excellent hydrophilicity Outstanding dimensional accuracy Resistance to permanent deformation Precision dental impressions More stable dimensionally...
Rs. 7,040 Rs. 6,130
Dpi Algitex Alginate Powder
It is used for all routine impressions of the oral cavity. FEATURES A smooth mixing, well accepted Alginate powder for mixing. Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction. Pleasant and acceptable flavor. Ample working time and controlled flow. Made from the best...
Rs. 260

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Dpi Impression Paste
Rs. 550 Rs. 449
Dpi Impression Paste
A Zinc Oxide – Eugenol impression material. In paste form, very easy to mix, right flow characteristics, dimensionally stable. INDICATION Useful for edentulous cases and in relining / remodeling. Techniques with individual tray for uniform support.
Rs. 550 Rs. 449
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Dpi Cromatex Chromatic Alginate Powder
DESCRIPTIONA satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder. Lead free Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction. Pleasant and acceptable flavour. Ample working time and controlled flow. Made from the best quality / grade of raw material.Chromatic alginate help users (Doctors) in better...
Rs. 309
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3M ESPE Soft Putty
FEATURES Cost effective Patient Friendly - Blueberry mint flavour with Xylitol is more pleasing to patients Accurate and dimensionally stable. Easy mix with soft handling properties Multiple pours for superior performance It is a value based VPS soft putty impressioning material...
Rs. 2,549
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Prevest Hiflex Impression Compound
Thermoplastic Impression Compound: Red Color Thermoplastic impression material in the form of round plates cakes to take primary impression in edentulous cases. INDICATIONS Correction models. Raising the edges of the impression. For primary impression in edentulous cases before preparing special tray....
Rs. 190 Rs. 169
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Dentsply Zelgan Plus Alginate 1kg Pack
Dental impressions for the fabrication of Study models Models of the opposing dentition Working models for manufacturing of orthodontic appliances, removable prosthesis, and temporary restorations
from Rs. 269
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Coltene Impression Paste
Secondary impression paste FEATURES High strength Longer life Fine finish Detailed reproduction Easy manipulation INDICATIONS For complete & partial dentures In wash impression As a Denture recliner Surgical paste Bite Registration Paste CONSIDERATION: May cause burning/itching sensation for some cases CONTRAINDICATION individuals...
Rs. 450 Rs. 379
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DMG Silagum Putty & Light Body
Pre-impression material (Silagum-Putty) and correction impression material (Silagum-Light) based on A-silicones for all two-phase impression techniques. Silagum-Light is available in the Automix cartridge and as a hand-mixed variant. Proven correction material based on VPS: The use of Silagum-Light as the second...
from Rs. 2,639
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Zhermack Hydrorise Putty & Light Body Impression material
High performance for Hydrorise, the hyper-hydrocompatible A-Silicone for high precision impression, which adapts to different impression techniques (double step impression, simultaneous impression with double viscosity and monophase impression) in various clinical situations. The exclusive AMDA (Advanced Moisture Displacement Action) technology, developed by the Zhermack research, favours a precise reproduction of details in...
Rs. 2,200 Rs. 1,949
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Dentsply Reprosil VPS Light Body Tube
FEATURES   Excellent memory, will not distort for accurate models. Easily retrieved from the mouth for patient comfort and doctor satisfaction. Excellent detail reproduction for accurate models and restorations. Reprosil VPS Tube System is a Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material providing...
Rs. 2,540 Rs. 2,034
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Coltene Coltoprint Alginate Powder
Normal Setting Chromatic Alginate Impression Material (Flavour: Mango) Coltene Coltoprint Alginate Powder is the New High Accuracy, High Stability Alginate from World Leaders in Impression Materials. FEATURES  Elastic alginate Regular working and setting times Thixotropic Pleasant flavor  INDICATION  Removable prosthesis Opposing...
Rs. 404 Rs. 299
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Gc Aroma Fine Plus Alginate 500g
Based on GC’s extensive knowledge of alginate materials, GC Aroma Fine Plus has been designed to offer users a final impression of the highest quality combined with an easier and faster mixing.
Rs. 445 Rs. 425
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DPI Pinnacle Impression Compound
FEATURES Extremely smooth Accurate and easy to manipulate Dimensional stability Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after taking impression Hydrophilic properties High Elasticity- tear resistant DESCRIPTION: An impression material suitable for prelimnary impression for complete dentures COMPOSITION Resin Copal resin Carnauba...
Rs. 125
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Dpi Imprint Alginate Powder
FEATURES A satin textured, micro cellular Alginate powder. Lead free Excellent dimensional stability, fine reproduction. Pleasant and acceptable flavor Ample working time and controlled flow. Made from the best quality/grade of raw material. INDICATION: For all routine impressions of the oral...
Rs. 129
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Dpi Selfcure Tooth Moulding Powder
A fine acrylic material in a wide range of shades for crown and bridge work.
Rs. 165
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