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3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative Syringe
3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z250XT Universal Restorative is the solution for your everyday restorative needs. Filtek™ Z250XT Nano Hybrid restorative offers the handling dentists prefer: For decades, 3M ESPE has worked to continually improve and perfect handling from the dentist’s point of...
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3m Espe Filtek Z350 Xt Restorative Syringe
Filtek ™ Z350XT is very reliable to use due to its high performance as it is also a versatile nanocomposite. While it provides excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations, it offers strong enough posterior restorations. Filtek ™ Z350XT is very unique...
Rs. 2,199
3m Espe Ketac Cem Glass Ionomer Luting Cement
Radiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting Cement FEATURES Low film thickness Radiopaque Fluoride release Working time (including mixing): 3:30 min Setting time (from begin of mix): 7:00 min. High level of biocompatibility Simple and user-friendly cementation material INDICATIONS Permanent cementation of...
Rs. 2,649
3m Espe Ketac Molar Gi Filling Cement
FEATURES Quick and easy to use with children. Excellent mechanical properties for posterior teeth. Bulk-fill convenience. Ketac Molar Quick - for fast setting posterior restorations. For decades, 3M ESPE has been the trailblazer in the glass ionomer success story. Just like...
Rs. 1,770
3m Espe Ketac Universal Glass Ionomer Restorative
Ketac Universal restorative saves time by eliminating the need for a coating-yet it delivers higher compressive strength and surface hardness than several competitive glass ionomers that require one.This advancement is the latest 3M ESPE Dental's 30-year history of developing trusted...
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3m Espe Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus
A light cure dental adhesive system that is designed to handle difficult bonding situations, is fast and easy to apply and offers excellent bond strengths to a variety of surfaces. Versatile adhesive system designed to handle difficult bonding situations such...
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3m Espe Adper Single Bond 2
FEATURES Special cap for minimum evaporation Maintains bond strength - Outstanding shelf life Stable nano-filler, will not settle A fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent offering exceptional bond strength. Available in convenient unit-dose or easy dispensing bottle. Excellent...
Rs. 2,890
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3m Espe Adper Single Bond Universal Adhesive
FEATURES One-bottle, one-coat convenience Proven long-term bond strength Virtually NO post-operative sensitivity 35-second placement time reduces risk of contamination Moisture tolerant - works on wet or dry enamel and dentin Uniquely suited for the "selective" etch technique Low microleakage Refrigeration...
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3m Espe Cavit - G Temporary Filling Material
FEATURES Proven filling material for temporary fillings Removable completely without burs Simple to apply with filling instrument Quick and void-free curing in a moist environment Cavit G is a temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.The...
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3m Espe Express Xt Vps Impression Material - Refills
Express™ XT VPS Impression Materials – first-class impressions on the first take Designed for both the 1-step and 2-step impression techniques, next–generation Express™ XT VPS materials from 3M ESPE help you achieve outstanding impression accuracy and a great fit of...
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3m Espe Filtek Z250 Xt Restorative - Intro Kit
Z250 XT Nano Hybrid universal dental restorative kit is specifically designed to offer easy to polish and providing good aesthetic result. It permanently bonds the composite to the tooth structure. It is available in 12 shades, two of which are Opaque. All shades are...
Rs. 5,199
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3m Espe Filtek Z350xt Flowable Restorative
Some restorative techniques are simply easier and more effective with the “fluid” handling of a flowable restorative – which flows more easily into pits and fissures. For excellent results and product confidence, rely on 3M ESPE Filtek Z350 Flowable Restorative...
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3m Espe Impregum Soft - Refills
FEATURES Hydrophilic before, during and after the set for unsurpassed accuracy, even in the presence of moisture. Thixotropic: It flows smoothly under pressure in critical areas and remains fixed without pressure. Snap-set properties reduce the potential for distortion during the...
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3M Espe mixing tips (BLUE) Pack of 8
FEATURES Allows easy, automatic mixing of Protemp Plus temporization material using the Garant dispenser. Quick intraoral set. Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing or glaze. Sophisticated filler technology provides strength and esthetics. Easy plaque removal to support gingival health. Six...
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3m Espe P-60 Micro Hybrid Posterior Syringe
3M ESPE Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative, is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, restorative composite. It is designed for use in posterior restorations. The filler in Filtek P60 restorative is zirconia/silica. The inorganic filler loading is 61% by volume (without silane treatment)...
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3m Espe Pediatric Strip Crown Forms
3m Espe Pediatric Strip Crown Forms
Rs. 1,185
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3m Espe Protemp 4 Temporisation Material
Reliably tough temporaries due to highest fracture resistance and better abrasion stability – also suitable for long-term temporisation. Patient-pleasing aesthetics and a comfortable fit through a smooth surface, natural shine and fluorescence, high colour stability. Easy plaque removal to support...
Rs. 6,249
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3m Espe Relyx Luting 2 Refill Packs
FEATURES Easy and hygienic handling with the new Clicker Dispenser Low film thickness for a perfect fit of indirect restorations Strong adhesion, enhanced marginal integrity Easy removal of excess material RelyX Luting 2 luting cement offers a perfect mix of...
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3m Espe Relyx Temp Non Eugenol
RelyX™ Temp NE is Eugenol-free, therefore universally applicable, independent on whether subsequent cementations are performed conventionally or adhesively. Very low film thickness Strong adhesion to tooth in combination with easy removal of the temporary restoration Cement excess remains in temporary...
Rs. 1,995
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3m Espe Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement (Transparent)
FEATURES Comfortable and easy delivery in automix syringe Comfortable handling Optimal consistency for dispensing and seating Flexible dosing Time-saving A great choice of tips allows always easy application of paste directly into the cavity Low risk of air bubbles and...
Rs. 6,049
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3M ESPE RelyX Veneer Cement (Translucent)
FEATURES Customer-preferred delivery and shading system. Try-in pastes offer excellent color match to final cured cement. Light-cure-only system provides excellent color stability. Easy to clean up. Easy to dispense, apply and seat. Cement cures with a wide range of light...
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3m Espe Restorative Introductory Valux Kit
3M ESPE Adper Single Bond 2 Adhesive is indicated for use in the following types of restorations. Direct light-cured composite/compomer restorations Root surface desensitization Porcelain/composite repair Porcelain veneers (when used with RelyX Veneer Cement) Crown & bridge, inlay/onlay, bonding amalgam...
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3M Espe Retraction Capsule
FEATURES Viscosity:Heavy Body The extra fine tip fits directly into the sulcus. Enables a clean, dry sulcus and robust hemostasis. Hygienic unit-dose capsule. Versus dental retraction cords: Convenient and time-saving retraction process: Up to 50% faster. Lower risk of hemorrhage....
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3m Espe Sof-Lex Finishing Strips - Refills
For finishing and polishing interproximal areas, 3M™ ESPE™ Sof-Lex™ Finishing Strips round-off the the system. Sof-Lex Finishing Strips: Thin, flexible backing with aluminium oxide coating. Centre-gapped strip with two abrasive grades per strip, which allows interproximal access. Three different types...
from Rs. 1,945
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